Hey I looked up the hashtag Synesthesia because I was feeling alone. came across your book and suddenly wasn't as alone as I thought. It's hard fro me to say emotions because I see those as colours. The private DMV won't work for me but I You want to start talking and maybe talk about our differences in Synesthesia that would be cool


@writer__here I've got synesthesia also and I did the same as you. If you're okay with it, maybe we could talk a bit about it? Totally fine if you aren't though :)


I just finished reading your synesthesia book, and it was fascinating! I wanted some more info on synesthesia for my book, and your description helped me out a lot. Prior to reading it, I just thought that it was a confusion of all of the senses (thinking back, that was pretty stupid of me to think). Thanks so much! ;)


Hello, your book about synesthesia is really awesome and I just wanna have a further explanation about ticker-tape because I think I have it but I'm not sure. It will be really helpful to learn from someone who really have it.