I’m updating mr kim very soon be ready for it!! ❤️


Do you guys want an epilogue for his bodyguard? ✨


@bangtan_b_ I really do, please!..


          Hello everyone, 
          I’ve been thinking that I should probably remove or redo all of my old books. These ones include sex kink, hunger, all of the mysterious boy, house of stringers and also quiet roommate. These old books are not done to the best of my abilities and I know I can do so much more as an author. For example, his bodyguard, his medicine, mr kim and also blinded are fresh and done to the best of my ability and I won’t be removing those at all. However the others are letting me down a little. So I came here to ask for your advice and opinions. Please comment what you think or message me privately. Please do is ASAP as I have a lot of free time in the next couple of days and I can sort things out then. Thank you and I love you all ❤️


@bangtan_b_ pls no I love them as they are and also I won't be able to survive without 'Quiet Roommate'. Love ya!❤️✨️


@bangtan_b_ I think that letting the books the way they are is the best thing because I've been driven to your books because of their creative scenarios,n I dnt think it would hit the same way it did if it was to be changed. 
            'His bodyguard' is the best book I've ever read , so please consider my opinion, I might read the same book thrice n I'm willing to read it again .
            Thank you , 
            hope that was of a help...


@bangtan_b_ please don't any books I haven't read most of them just let them be as they are we will read these anyways 


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