I am an Alpha male, name is Wolf. My pack is Elizabeth, Rebecka, Stephan James. Read stories by piinkwolf she is a so-so writer...laughs Just kidding, Adalaine Marie..she is an amazing writer. I am older, so that is cleared up right away. Im prejudiced as fuck..I HATE EVERYONE EQUALLY so no reason to go there. Some of you will know who I am, and I am sure a few hate me, a few love me and a few well, that's personal. I  am very understanding of most things. I am opinionated, but that is only to those I despise. I hate stupid people who are so cowardly they bully others or intimidate to make themselves feel big. I hate pedo sheep fucking scumbags, thieves, liars, closed minded judgemental people and those who push racist bullshit. I saw today someone pushing her friends rascist hate filled book saying it was about how whitey has mistreated the african american. What? I don't suppose she has any problem with the way african americans treat each other and how black on black crime is a freaking epidemic,NOBODY IS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR LIFE BUT YOU. dont blame others for your situation, look at yourself  first, TAKE responsibility. Empower yourself. 
I am seriously empathetic towards those who are hurting. I've been down that dark, blind dead end alley to many times to not feel sympathy and hurt for those going down it now. Don't let the way I talk throw you off, I don't have to agree with everyone and I have earned the right to be an asshole sometimes. THAT DOESNT MEAN I WONT RESPECT YOU BECAUSE I MIGHT. smiles... I treat everyone the way they treat me. If you want respect from me then you show it to me first. Or I will show it to you first, hows that? If you bully any of my friends and I find out about it do NOT think that it will be ignored or tolerated or that I am just talking to sound big, try me you pathetic coward,(I hate bullies), it will be met with extreme prejudice, legally. And I will do everything I can to make sure you are banned from this platform.
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"Separately Entangled"              by bambiwolfkiller
"Separately Entangled"
Allyson Montgomery has vivid memories. Memories that tell her that she is being stalked by a psychopath hell...
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