✳ Why so serious? ✳

✧ Parabatai ✧

❝✧¡ Let's drive around town holding hands ¡✧❞

❥ I love tones aesthetic and pastel

愛 ▸ Animes one of the best human inventions.

腐女子(Fujoshi) ▸ is a Japanese term, used to identify female fans of BL

↻ bgroup and ggroup stan ↺

*ೃ✧*:・゚Flop stan *:・✧*ೃ

[❦] Multifandom [❦]

➵ I love the concept girl power and sexy in ggroups.

➵ Give more love to groups flop in Kpop.

➵ Watch series improves my sanity...

✧; Bisexuals are just confused by your ignorance ❀;

↻Don't worry,you're not going to hell for loving who you love ↺

[Ali;] same as being away from you, our hearts are linked. You are wonderful in every way. Love u my Saeng. ❦

[Juuh;] Our friendship is bulletproof. You're an incredible person We were destined,in my heart my baby. ❦

[Jacy;] We're crazy friends in a crazy world. You're My accomplice,my confidant,one person in a million. Ilysm ❦

[Annie;] Shine a light,you're fantastic,you're part of my universe let's color it. Just love me right,because Ily ❦

[Jennao;] I want to know more of you, experimenting with my five senses,you are so impressive and precious ❦

[Lau;] I appreciate the masterpiece that you are, because only your existence is already an art,baby luv you ❦

❝Mesmo quando nossas esperanças fogem da realidade, e nós finalmente temos que nos render à verdade, isso só significa que perdemos a batalha de hoje. Não a guerra de amanhã.❞ -Grey's Anatomy
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