since i’ve kept you guys waiting for too long, i figure you guys deserve to know that chapter 14 is almost done :) i’ve completed the draft, just reworking some things to make it better for you all <3 


yess please.. i can’t wait for the next chapter :(


@babyjeons  :,)))


Author hope your doing well  ....I'm still waiting for storms it's such a beautiful story ...
          And how have you been cause it's been so long almost April and it's about to be 2021


omg im in love with the way you write. please just update some chapters even if its short like omg i need to know what happens next. but its okay if u dont bc i understand <3


hi guys.... i’m such a horrible author i can’t believe i left my readers hanging for so long :( skskkzlz i had such horrible writers block. i know what i wanted to do with storms but i couldn’t write it out. again i rly can’t believe it’s been so long since i updated i’m sorry omg. i say this every time but i want to finish storms. and with quarantine going on rn i have time. so hopefully i can get to writing for u guys! 


i found ur book not a while ago and ive been in love with the way you handle writing ✨✨


it says that the last time you were active was on my birthday :(
          hope you’ve been having a good weekend 


took a break from writing ... had a lot going on as i’m getting ready to go to college! hopefully with the year ending soon i’m trying to finish writing new chapters for storms. also been plotting a new boy love story!! still thinking about you guys dw<3