Hi, i’m not dead, i’ve just taken a very long break. i really haven’t felt like writing lately which is sad because i used to love writing so much. i hope i can push about some updates soon, i’m super sorry if i don’t.


@babybluedreamerr hope you back to update your storie. 


Hi I. Just finished reading Skater Girl,and I thought it was a great story. Then I started reading Dream Girl when I got to the last chapter I was confused with what direction the story was going,only to realize that you stop writing. I sorry to see that because I thought you were a gifted writer. But since it been a few years since you have written anything. I guess another good writer bites the dust,


this is the reason way dread for an story  to get an second book when the first one is completed, since most of the time the second book is left unfinished.