Hello! I am mostly a Harry Potter fanfic writer, focusing on the love interest being Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy (possibly Sirius and Lupin). I try to release a few chapters a week (depending on how busy my week is with my real job). I appreciate any feedback and comments I get on my stories! Thanks for reading :)
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Stories by autumnhss
Unfathomable Anguish - The Sequel by autumnhss
Unfathomable Anguish - The Sequel
It's been over a year since the tragic love story between Severus Snape and Y/n L/n, a year since Y/n had bee...
Always You by autumnhss
Always You
Malaya Hansley wants nothing more than a normal school year. With a dark and mysterious past that seems to fo...
Fatal Affair by autumnhss
Fatal Affair
Nova is one of the newest - yet most powerful - Death Eaters eager to serve Lord Voldemort. Recruited by the...