Hi guys, just an update. Don't know if you guys have heard the rumors that Wattpad has been bought over by Naver (Webtoon) and that they have brought in a policy banning 'mature' books. Again thid is only something I have heard from several sources but not direct from wattpad themselves,  so I can't say this is true for sure.
          	But I just wanted to update you about Raptor. I am really trying to get it finished and posted here before the policy to mature books are brought in. Its at 80% complete at the moment. I'm sorry it has taken so long. It's not just the problem with wattpad not protecting stories, resulting in mine being stolen, that really disheartened me and stopped me writing, it is also the pain I'm in after multiple surgeries on my back that has prevened me writing. 
          	I literally haven't left the house for almost 3 months. Anyway, as soon as it's finished I will upload Raptor, all the chapters at once, and like I did with Imprisoned, I will leave it up long enough for you guys, my genuine readers, to finish it. 


@autumn_raine18 Hi babe, I am thank u. I'm doing my ten minute walk almost everyday, and trying to tell myself that it's good even though it feels like i need to give myself a big kick in the arse to do more. But how are you doing? Are u in the States? How's things with the pandemic. Bought my first ever laptop this week. Can't believe I have never bought one until now. Suppose I never needed to because I used one from the university lab at to type up my work. But now I'm no longer there, I was having to using my phone to type my stories. Maybe I'll have fewer typos with a proper keyboard now 


I hope you are doing ok 


I just want to say this. I understand that you took your books down from here because of theft which is understandable. But what I Hope that you realize… and just to correct myself I’m not trying to make theft OK because it’s not. And I am an author myself I wouldn’t want anyone stealing my work. But at the same time it’s just the world that we live in. Even if you were to publish your books and get them professionally done what’s to stop someone from still taking your work in some way shape or form. I  have seen authors like JK Rowling, ect, get their work taken in some form. I just don’t want to see you as a great author hide your work because of a couple of bad people in the world. You should want to embrace your work even more because it’s that good to even be stolen in the first place. You have an Amazing fan base here on this site. 


Okay, so this might sound crazy, but hear me out…open a cash app or Venmo account and list it here. Me, as well as a lot of others on here, can contribute to getting those books we all love so much online. Hell, personally, if had to spend 100 euros just to read all you books again, i would. Your books are what really got me into reading in the first place. But, like I saw someone else say, you could also start a patreon. At least, until you can publish them professionally. And the profits you get from that could probably contribute to getting them professionally edited and listed on audible and Amazon . That is unless posting on patreon would interfere with that in some way, in which case makes since why you haven’t yet. But I BEG OF YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE(I’m begging like a four year old) PLEASE  think about it??


Have you looked in to Patrons? There I as a reader pay monthly for reading your books. ☺️ Just a thought ❤️


Hi author,  why not move your books to booknet, and you can also publish one first to see 


@OnyinyeMadeleineobi you know, booknet seems shady to me. I tried purchasing a book worth 3 dollars a few days back from India failed! I didn't even get my money back. I wrote to them and all good. 


@OnyinyeMadeleineobi Hiya please check my main page I've left a reply to your message but it's so long the system won't post it here lol.. 


It’s sad to notice that your books are no longer here. I’ve been checking your page everyday from the day you said you had to take them away.
          Please reply with a message, we hope you are Okay. Your stories are the best stories I’ve ever read, please don't leave us like that.
          You have plenty of websites, such as Patreon, please reply back if you can so we know that you are doing Okay.


@SheenTheAuthor19 Hiya please check my main page, I've left a reply to your message but it's too long to publish here, the system won't let me.


Please upload raptor once again I just need to know thy Ana gets her happy ending 


Hi just wondering if you’ve found a place to upload crow if not on here? I would really love to read that again it’s one of my favorites I’d even pay for it if anything 


Are you still going to upload Raptor for a short period?


Can you please till us if your really going to continue with  your books on here if your not let us know  don’t leave us hanging we’ve been waiting A long time I understand that your book was stolen and that sucks and I’m sorry for that happening to you but if you don’t want to continue with your books let us know please 


@autumn_raine18 are you going to use any other platform instead? Dreame? Inkitt? Patreon..?


@samanthalamb26 Hi, I was hoping to continue them here yes, but I'm not going to until wattpad do something about the thefts.  Sorry.


@samanthalamb26 yes atleast let us know