RIP Cameron Boyce. 
          	You truly inspired millions of people. 
          	I grew up with you. 
          	I watched how amazing you became and how much you had already achieved at such a young age. 
          	You really will be missed. 
          	I love you. 
          	We love you. 
          	Rest In Peace


My heart goes out to his family.




Hey I'm creating a YouTube channel and I would like to ask for a favor once I figure out the name of our channel and get it ready and add imagines could you please put the name of my YouTube channel in one of your story's about why don't we thanks so much


Is It possible if you could make a sequel to the Jack Avery story. It doesn’t have to be a Jack Avery story. Like for example it could be what happened between her and Shawn and the other guys, I feel like life had so much in store for her and that story was really good but I feel that isn’t just the ending to her story 


Jk it doesn’t have to be a Jack Avery love story