for @everyone (you lovely stars <3)  :
          thank you for leaving such lovely messages and again i apologize for leaving without notice. i miss you guys all so much, but i can't come back to wattpad, no matter how much i miss it. 
          (this will be my last message)


@teagardener I miss you so much too but even so I support your decision and I hope everything's okay irl ^^ ❤❤


you're as lovely as ever mitts <3
          i'm doing great irl, but i can't find enough time for wattpad anymore.
          i don't think i'll ever come back, but if i do, i'll be looking towards your welcome ^^
          -love always, 
          P.S. words can't describe how much i miss you ;-; // continue being a shining, lovely star mitts ~


happy new year love! i hope 2017 blesses you with all the flowers in the universe. and don't worry if you ever read these messages about people wanting you to come back. they're just idgits-- you made your choice and i support it! 
          be safe, and stay determined.
          with love, bam


My heart is breaking , I loved you but you left. Why is that. Why are you leaving me. Why DID you leave me. I miss you. Who will bring my beautiful joy. Who will I look up too for smiles. What will I do. Your gone. I fell as if a big chunk of my heart , no my heart it self and all is broken. I'll miss you and I still do. 
          " I'll be thinking of you " 


Elle!! I miss you so much already ♡
          I hope that whatever is going on right now will get better. Be happy ;) and  continue to bloom like the beautiful flower you are ♡♡♡
          love, ariey ♡