🤦‍♀️I don't know what to write here

Anyways, People write what they like here so i guess i can do that

I like.....

Creative things,
no homework (homework is boring)
supernatural books.... You know something that just can't exist in real life so you could experience it in a book.
Supernatural stuff
Zombie stuff
Magical stuff

And also.... Harry Potter

Teen wolf 😍😍😍😍... Teen wolf is best

Pop songs ( but i listen to whatever sounds nice) and i am yet to explore other song genre

Disney movies
But i am more of an action and horror and mystery movies kind of person than romance and drama.
But then again i would like to watch a romantic movie over action movie Once in awhile

Marvel.... Iron man (yes, i am still sad and so not over him, and he is very much alive in my imagination)


Spider man 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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