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he/him with a side of they.
17. midwestern. cat dad.
98/100 writing comp score.
fanfiction and original.
marvel. stucky. winterwidow.
supernatural. destiel.
angst king. heartbreak central.
school year in session.

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My one-shots are only available on Archive of Our Own. Poems on message board and Write the World. My art is only posted on Instagram and TikTok. I post excerpts on my board after 2AM. For the most part, I write on my phone, so please excuse some typos that I don't catch.

I'm an Archive of Our Own writer. I got my start here on Wattpad, I keep it for sentimental reasons.

☀︎︎ current works
The Backup | Alt. Spiderman Backstory | Buckynat
The Encyclopedia of Bucky Barnes' New Beginnings | Stucky

☀︎︎ some sort of hiatus
In So Many Words We Cannot Say | Destiel

☀︎︎ benched works
Where We Go Duo | Stucky
Something To Say Duo | Stucky
Sprinkled In Stardust | Stucky, Bucky!Cap
What We Are Supposed To See | 2012!Steve Post-Endgame | Stucky
These Hidden Scars | Iron Man 2 , The Winter Soldier is Tony's PA | Stucky

☀︎︎ top three personal favorites
In So Many Words
Amica Mea
In All Our Years

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Instagram, Archive Of Our Own, Write the World @ashdeanmanns

Amino Apps (mainly Stucky, James Bucky Barnes, Marvel, and Marvel Fanfiction Amino)

Art Business Instagram and TikTok @ashdeanmanns.art
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WNADAVISION SPOILERS (not too bad).....On this episode of "Marvel Studios Erasing the Maximoffs' Romani and Jewish Heritage!"WandaVision changed her parents' names!In the comics, Natalya Maxi...
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The Encyclopedia Of Bucky Barnes' New Beginnings | Stucky by ashdeanmanns
The Encyclopedia Of Bucky Barnes'...
Bucky Barnes had a plan. No kids (at least for the time being), focus on his career and his relationship with...
In All Our Years Series - 4 In 1 | Captain!Bucky, WinterSoldier!Steve | Stucky by ashdeanmanns
In All Our Years Series - 4 In 1 |...
1945 - Steve Rogers fell off a freight car, into the Alps. Just days later, 1945 - Bucky Barnes crashlanded H...
The Backup | Alternate Spiderman Backstory by ashdeanmanns
The Backup | Alternate Spiderman B...
He can change everything, possibly even the world. - Romance in the Red Room is forbidden. It was for childre...