"What's that about dealing with the Devil? Well, sweet thing, I am the Devil." 

Name's Artemis, call me Artie! I'm a writer (kinda? i guess lol) I have too many WIP's and I love them all. I'm a senior in highschool and 17 years young. I love fantasy and romance but let me say, if they die in the end, sign me THE FUCK UP MY DUDE. Give me that angst.
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Stories by artemis
The Last Siege by artiewrites
The Last Siege
The world is ending and seven - supposed to be six - people are chosen to save it. They have to get over the...
Of Stars and Immortality by artiewrites
Of Stars and Immortality
When a child of Death turns 21, they become a Reaper, a being that is unseen by the mortal eye, a creature of...
Beached by artiewrites
Orkea was raised to stay away from humans. They would hurt her, her mother warned. But soon, humans would be...