And I'm on a roll! Late night update! Chapter Thirteen of LP & FF! Check it out! It's big!


Heyyy I’ve been reading the lily potter series and it is sooo good.I wonder when will the next update will be?


Been rereading your lily potter series and been reminded how good they are. I know this is a long shot since it’s been a bit, but are you still planning on continuing them? 


Hei! I am so in Love with all your stories and the way you write! Its just amazing, sooooooo I was wondering if you‘ll update again anytime soon?
          I just can‘t wait for more!


Hello, I really love your Lily Potter books and I was wondering when you were going to update your books. Thank you so much! (sorry if this is annoying) 


Anyone itching for something to read tonight/today? Might I suggest Chapter Twelve of LP & FF??? It's up and ready to go!


Is ch.11 done yet? I literally can't wait 


Working on it, pal! I had it almost done last night but didn't like the length, so I decided to combine my plans for 11 and 12 and make one mega chapter. Should be done soon! Gotta finish just a little bit more, proofread, and it'll be up!