Been thinking of Road Trip lately, and I may repost the story.
          	Here's the thing, that story has a lot of personal meaning to me & I wrote a lot of personal experiences into it, hence why I got defensive in comments to several people. The negative comments from readers are what made me view a story I loved in such an unpleasant way and I felt the need to remove it from the site. 
          	However, that story is one of my favorite things I've written because I have such a personal connection to it. It was also something that allowed me to meet, talk to, and become friends with many of the users on here. I know that the story has resonated with many of you readers, and for those of you that are unable to read it on the other website, it's almost unfair to take that away from you.
          	Give me some time and I'll repost the story. I want to go back into it and edit a few things before I decide to share it again. xx


@booknerdz2 aww me too.. I really love the book, still it's on my library. But what happened? ARghhh


@aquarliam I am reading it on 1dff and I love it so it'd be awesome if you added it back on here. The fact that people were so rude over a fic is just sad.


@aquarliam Road Trip is such a beautiful story! It's more than 'a girl and a boy fall in love'. It's inspiring! I love it! 




Hey guys! I never really do this type of thing but I’m starting a new Harry fic called “deception”! It’s a dark harry/mafia fic. If you guys wanna check it out, add it to your reading lists, and/or leave comments/votes it’d mean a lot to me. Thank you for your time! 


Hey I’m a writer and if anyone wants to read another book then you may also like my story about a bisexual girl coming to terms with her sexuality whilst falling in love with someone she initially wanted to hate. The story is fairly new but I update almost (usually) every day. Please check it out! <3


Hey everyone, sorry to bother :) I was inspired to write my own fanfic and I'm being adventurous and writing it in english (my native language is portuguese). Can you please check it out? I love mutuals so send me yours and I'll take a look. It's mainly a Louis one but there's a little bit of Larry <3