I made a new story because I'm bored


I absolutely adore your writing but i wanted to ask when you are going to update your Blue Exorcist fanfic


I love ur white clover book pls update it i love it so much it made me super super happy if u update the book❤❤❤❤ 


Ummmm. . . .Ate, are you still writing The Beauty of Sol? I really like that book. . . . .could you please update it?


I love your fruits basket and dr stone stories!! I must have read the dr.stone one 3 times!! They’re so well written!! I hope your OC in fruit baskets ends up with Yuki! Not that I don’t like Kyo but there are too many Kyo stories and I can’t help but think he and Tohru belong together! Anyway, I love you and your work and I hope you continue the great work!


Hi animefan8642 i just wanted to say that i really love your books especially the white clover and bnha book. I hope you continue writing stories (especially the white clover please:)) and always stay safe. That's all thank you. :)