Hello my loves, 
          	You all deserve an explanation as to where I’ve been. Uni really took over my life with exams and essays which is this main reason I’ve been gone. I finally finished and planned to update and my laptop pulled a Cedric, ironically it died just before my 48 hour exam. But in other news my laptop will be replaced or fixed when I go home in a few days, unfortunately the Wattpad app doesn’t let me receive messages via dm so if you wanna ask me anything feel free to message me on ig either on my personal which is - grace.weasleyy or my hp account - angel.starkk 
          	Stay safe everyone! I will be back with updates soon but they will take longer due to me typing on my iPad, never thought I’d miss my laptop this much. I hope everyone is doing good! 


@angelraeken hey I’m just checking in is everything  ok????


It’s fine I can’t wait for you to update take your time just make sure you do forget about the infinity sequel


@angelraeken Can't wait! Glad you're ok


Hi just need to tell you that I really loved your book, the silver secret. I've read it like for 7 times now. Can you please do another Loki book. Please . Love you❤


Hi so not to pressure u or anything but do you know when you're gonna update little red riding hood? 


hi I have a Fred fic if anyone wants to try it out <3


Istg I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I joined and started reading infinity and wrote my own fanfic I just wanna say thank angelraeken I haven’t found a single fanfic better than yours and I strive to write as amazingly as you. 


Hey!!! I love the Sirius black book it great I was wondering when you are going to post again!!!



Hi are you taking a break but i just wanna say the book of sirius black x reader is awesome and are you still going to continue??