Hey, guys. As u may know, my parents made me delete my apps of social media. I still have my acc but it sucks bc I miss all of u so much. I have Lia updating u all, but it’s just not the same. Wattpad has become my life and I all r like a second family 2 me. 
          	I’m on the website but it’s not as good as the app. I hope my parents will allow me to have the apps once more but IDK. I wish I could hug all of u. 
          	I’m sorry..


@amshinestar7778939  huh... Life for me surely doesn't seem pretty  good now. Well... I hope you return soon. I miss you already star just know... People here will always miss you. And they all hope you come back as soon as possible. We all miss you already depply. As for me.....all I can simply say is... Well... I miss you already too. And although surprisingly I'm crying while writing this....(something that doesn't happen often...) I hope you come back real soon. And... I'll miss you alot until you get back friend.... (: 


@amshinestar7778939 well you can still go on it on zee web


@amshinestar7778939 ohhh.....THEY GOT RID OF PHOTOS


Happy Valentines Day!!!
          Hope you can come back soon..... It's not the same without you

V4books have 259 followers now =D
          I miss you a lot....the hangouts chat isn’t the same without you...