From Kur, the Sumerian underworld, came seven demons called Galla. They were the attendants and messengers of Ereshkigal, the goddess of death and gloom, who sat naked on a throne in her dark lapis lazuli palace, surrounded by seven great walls. The central rule of the Sumerian hell stated that no one, neither a mortal nor a god, who entered her dark domain, could ever leave Kur again. To this the Galla were an exception, for they could roam the world to relentlessly terrorize men and hall them back to the dark abode. I want to make it something worth remembering , this violence I led . And if you're gone, I'm not. We have a hunger that nothing has filled. It grows large and rigid. We stand in it like a room. We , became me . A lost relic , a demon older than most religion . A commander .. a child . why not devour all that you are given? all that you have not been given? between a predator and its prey there is only hunger, and desire has no direction. The seven demons grip his thighs, They bite and tear his face, They slash at his body with an axe, They turn his face into the face 
Of agony. Until only one remains . Listen, / how your heart pounds inside me.
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