love to write and love life .also love it when someone makes me laugh. love,  life, laughter, are the true meaning of what it takes to makes a person real in this lifetime. 
but a story is what makes us believe in our selves and life as we know it. a story can be real are not but if you think about it in our lives as we live them is a story.
So if ever find yourself in a relationship in the story
Always trust your partner share with them everything from the smallest to the most private things in your life. Because if you truly love that person you will want to share all of your life with them not part of it.
Every person in my life that I loved has either died on me are left me. So my last love still has my heart forever. For I will not love another.
So I say again trust with your heart, not your mind.
I love my god and her always. I will finally have my happiness in heaven one day.
I am a believer that things happen for a reason and that they are meant to happen.
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