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Poc confession
          White I'm a brown girl from Pakistan but all my family from dad's side has moved to America and when I went to America to visit ...Some neighbors saw my mom's headscarf and completely keyed my uncles car..and the police did nothing ..saying we shouldn't have provoked them ....also the same thing happened in England when I went to England , London ...In Oxford Street a white guy came towards us and started harassing my mom for wearing a head scarf and no one ..I repeat no one came over to help ...In the end we left but these white people be saying that they are not racist or are feminist than why the fuck did no one help!
          not anonynous


Hey there! I really like your book POC confessions, would you mind if I did sort of the same thing for lgbt people? :)


am i still considered a poc if im spanish but i have pale white skin? i have a chronic illness which makes it hard to leave my house a lot so i dont get much sun at all & i moved to the UK so i dont get much sun anyway.


            it depends on what you mean by 'spanish' bc there are white spanish people and hispanic spanish people. just bc you're not an american or english citizen doesn't mean that ur a poc. 


@scydias Of course. It has nothing to do with what your skin looks like.


@scydias skin color has nothing to do with that(: poc just means your race is other than white<3


Thank you a million for adding my story to your reading list. And I just want to say that I really like this movement.