Hello my friend I really like your books keep moving forward and don't ever stop ❤️❤️❤️
          And I would really love it if you read my book the diaries of palestine and vote please to help me raise awareness about the Palestinian couse ❤️❤️❤️


I was wondering when you would be updating With all That Grace? No rush whatsoever, take your time but I was genuinely curious


You're my idol, is there any advice you'd give to new writers? (:


That's so sweet, thank you ❤ I always say the best thing is to keep writing. Writing style truly evolves over time and you get a grip on the way you love to tell a story when you keep at it (:


Hey I was really looking forward to reading your book hey Noah until I realised I had to pay for the chapters, now I understand that you want to gain something from your writing but I was wondering if there’s a version I could read that I don’t have to pay for?


No, there isn't any other version available!