So you think you're rude enough? Well, say hi to the expert amateur!

Bashing might be your thing; Mine is blocking people like you. Bashers are lunatic!Get a life you hoes and love yourself✋

I'm Sha, an aspiring lawyer. An introvert and a little bit anti-social person. I am that girl who prefers to stay at home and watch anime/kdrama/bts videos(trying to figure out every details in it). A super fangirl despite my age haha. Too lazy to go outside. The queen of all Killjoys. That girl with a big laugh. The one who shows to others her quiet side more but talk a lot when she's in a good mood. The one who was often mistaken for a snob. I often talk back but when I do I'll make sure it stabs annoying people. I can be as sarcastic as you are.

I write to free myself from stress. School never fails to stess the hell out of me and I don't know how it does it. I tried to laugh at it but damn I can't fool myself.

👉Jijiera ako.
👉Makatagsen ako.
👉Maxpein and BlackButterfly are the coolest characters for me.
👉Sam Concepcion only.❤
👉Kpop: Army(bts only)
👉Chimchim UB, the rest bias wreckers
👉Jikook is life♡
👉Shyshycouple ♡ (Sso&Seungho)
👉Fan of actress Kim So hyun/Yeo Jingoo/ Park Yuchun / Yoo Seung Ho/ Lee Jongsuk /Ji Changwook/ Lee Junki
👉Burgerlover (Everything)

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