☆ I'm such a simp (ㆁᴗㆁ✿) ★


Hi !! My name is Alien, I use They/Them pronouns, and I love writing even if I'm bad at it. Haha !!

Useless information :D !!
1.) I'm Ace... But I do find fictional characters hot.
2.) I am very horny to help cope with my depression.
3.) I write a lot of gross stuff to cope with my traumas.
4.) I prefer masculine pronouns.
5.) I am currently going through a terrible bout of depression right now :33
6.) I have a son and his name is Barbara Anne :3 (he's a cat).
7.) I have very bad JoJo's brainrot.
8.) I like to hold in my pee for an ungodly amount of time.
9.) I've been eating nothing but ramen for about 2 weeks now. UPDATE: I've been eating almost nothing at all for a month now.
10.) I'm really sick and constantly feel like throwing up (March. 26, 2021).
11.) I have been ignoring my school work.
12.) I might be moving over to AO3 bc Wattpad is changing (AbbacchiosSpecialTea).
13.) I think I actually care about my mom maybe ....?
14.) I still hate most men in my life 😻.
15.) I'm using anime to distract myself from being sad about stuff💞.
16.) I know someone that has a crush on me, but I don't like them back.
17.) I'm probably a narcissist.... Probably..
18.) I was today's years old when I found out guys can feel ya puthy 😻 throb when you sit on their lap 💔 (12/2/2020).
19.) I might kill someone 😽.
20.) I really enjoy using the cat emojis 😸💕.
21.) I miss my old son Indie still...
22.) I've been wearing my mom's sweater around the house because I probably do miss her 😹.
23.) I accidentally kicked my son once and cried for an hour.
24.) I still crave physical affection, but I don't like anyone haha.

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