Hello wattpad readers, romance lovers, ooh la la, I am a romance novel freak, fiction and nonfiction alike, but I am so selective with romance movies, weird right😂🤷‍♀️

I'm a foodie, I love dancing, reading romance novels, listening to music (Nicki minaj die hard fan) and games, ooh God any game, I'm sure they're some of you here that are like me
Now I think I might start liking to write romance novels 😂😂

I am a carefree 21 year old from Nigeria... yup yup yup😂💃💃, nerdy kinda😂😂, psycho and weird sometimes
But I know I'm cool😏

So guys my first novel this year is " A road to love; it's fiction and non fiction, sorta I can relate kind of
Please, please, please vote, like, comment and follow me and support my story, although it ain't complete yet, but I'll keep updating you guys, so stay tuned😅
And trust me I follow back, even if I ain't online, I check later to follow back... Trust me you won't regret it

I'm a person open to suggestions and corrections, so if u have any, just Dm me or comment, I'll reply quickly. So guys please support your romance pal on this😂😂

I'm counting on you. Much love ya'll 🥰🥰
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A Road To Love
They say love just happens unexpectedly, when it hits you hard, you either lose yourself to it or you contr...
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