@M-T-Jones love your book so far :) can't wait for more


@_lots_of_TLC_  the epilogue will be up tomorrow


          Will you ever complete this story
          Do you have a completed version on another reading site


I know I have no choice to huge and all but you people don't know what is going on in her life. She may have school, college, work hell even a LIFE to run! Our author can't update every second of every day!! I'm sorry for being harsh but this is reality. Also I understand what you are coming from, I know you want to read more and want her to answer you comments, she is busy. Did it ever occur to you that she may have something going on that is a bit personal?! So please stay calm, she will read our message and may answer if she is free and not busy! 


            the author hasnt updated since 2015? so your statement "our author cant update every second of everyday" is out of line. Is 14 months considered every second of everyday? And we jus answers at this point, screw an update


ok, it would be really cool & 'respectful' of you to update or at least post a status regarding if/or when u will update. ppl follow & read for a reason. ive read thru all the comments & u only replied to 1 person, last year......& still no update as u stated. We all have personal lives, but is it really too much to ask if you can at least acknowledge the comments or post a message saying anything?
          I just want to clarify, Im not trying to be rude....just trying to get answers for everyone


hello! I'm kinda new to Wattpad & was wondering if u are still working in ur story Ride of Your Life and if you are do u have an update schedule? I've noticed on ur wall that others have asked, so I'm sorry to bother u


Hi! I really ❤ luv Ride Of Your Life & wanted to know if u will be updating soon???