To the people who love me more than I deserve, 
          	I want to start off by saying hello, how are you? Is 2020 treating you well? Have you been taking care of yourself? I’ve wrote this post exactly 3 time and deleted it exactly 3 times because each time hasn’t felt perfect to me, hopefully the 4th time does my feelings justice. 
          	Honestly, I am not confident where to begin or how to explain myself, but I have to start somewhere. I am not dead, even though for awhile I really felt like I was. I guess for awhile writing felt more of a chore then the source of happiness that it once was. Somehow, without notice I slowly began to lose interest in things I felt so passionate about. Unfortunately, writing was one of those things and to a greater misfortune I didn’t realize until it had already swallowed me whole. Of course the looming rain cloud above my head was not the only reason I had felt forced to stop writing, I had some serious home issues and schooling that was playing their part in my great writing demise. It had all felt too overwhelming and for while I couldn’t even bring myself to open this app because I knew what awaited me. I am unbelievably sorry for abandoning my stories, I am even more sorrowful for abandoning you. The people who took their time to read my work and chose to support me when there are thousands of authors on this site. I am truly regretful. 


@_localgoner I hope you are doing  better. I am sure that  everyone  that has  read  the book is patiently waiting for you  to come  back.  and  if  you  dont  decide to finish your stories, they (we) will understand that  your  mental, physical  and  all other  types of  health  come before writing. i still hope u'll come back lol. ❣️❣️


@_localgoner I'm glad to hear you are alright! Please don't be sorry. Taking care of yourself always comes first and you don't need to be sorry about that. I hope your time away did you good and continues to do you good! I will miss your writing so much as I know many of us will, but I'd much prefer you to be happy and healthy than have a finished book that caused you misery. Good luck!


@_localgoner I'm so sorry about paypal!! I have a suggestion tho. Instead of writing a chapter once a day, how about once a week? (Or month...) Thank you for sparing your time to listen to me!! ❤️❤️❤️


Hi author,
          I pray that this message finds you well. I really love this story, and like so many other readers would love to see it updated. If you aren't going to finish the book please let us know. It will break our hearts, but the constant asking for updates and not getting any reply is wrong.  We took the time out of our lives to read your book this far you should at least let us know if you are even planning on updating it ever again. You have a great book here and it would be a shame to not finish. Just a reply saying something to us would be nice. 


Hey @_localgoner I am absolutely in love with TGLG and am very upseet to find a book with such potential has been discontinued, I do not know when or where you will read this, or if you will at all. But i think if you are to not keep up the book would you  mind just posting a summary of what was going to happen? even if it is not in detail... just to know the end of the story. I am so sad you feel you could not continue writing, as you are a brilliant writer, however if you feel that this is in your own best interest i respect that. Just wanted to ask if you could pick up a pen once more, to write down (even if it is just a list) what would have happened in this amazing story. I hope you find something that you are passionate about and sets fire to your soul.
          Lots of love, on be-half of all your fans....
          -Mads xx


@Mads123123 hey hey it's okay! All's cool ❤️ thankyou for letting me know. 


OOf i think I may be incorrect, my wattpad has been playing up and when I say i wrote that MONTHS ago i mean it, I do not know why it posted now, however my old laptop crashed a few minutes after I wrote that actually. I really apologize for any confusion @LavenderSpice29. 
            I feel really bad about it since it brings a lot of confusion.... i will delete it when you have seen this. At the time  @_localgoner had decided to take a break and had not updated in a while. 
            I am so sorry, my wattpad keeps glitching and I am not sure why. 
            I am so so sorry!!


@Mads123123 WAIT WHAT?!?!?! the book's been discontinued?!?! Srsly?????
            Please tell me this is a lie!


Hey Author ! Your story TGLG is soo great !!!! I found this story a few weeks ago , then I started to read the story and reached to where you last updated within a week!! I wanted you to know that you are an amazing writer, keep writing. I really love your work.