A daughter, A sister , A girl is an Angel. 
          " An Angel is Heart of the Family " 
          This story Revolves Around a little girl who is light and Shine of the family. 
          They are not the king and prince but they treat her like a Princess. 
          Let's join the journey of the little Girl and face her happiness and her problems together ❤
          •||• ------------------------ •||•
          I hope you like my new story
          Try it once and let me know the reviews..... 
          ~ Regards 
          Yati Writes


Greeting @ babyqueen19_ . Hope all is well, it been a while you have updated your works. Please, what ever the matter is it that you are going through don't forget you are not alone. It a wonderful world to small but to big to explore and with great nature and creation. Have a beautiful day always a head of you. Love you. Kisses