Should I change meh bio?


For you, Best friend,
          If I don’t get this back, I’m obviously not a close friend
          Now, I have a game for you. It has been played since 1977, well that’s what I heard. Once you get this, you have to send it to ten people. If you do your next five days will be like this:
          Day 1: Your crush will hang out with you ❤️
          Day 2: You will find $20 on the ground
          Day 3: You will ace all your tests ⭐️
          Day 4: You will get the thing you have always wanted 
          Day 5: You will earn 7 new friends 
          (Bummer if it’s the summer, because the Day 3 won’t matter) 
          Remember, 10 people in 12 hours. If you don’t send to 10 people in 12 hours, your 5 days will be the opposite:
          Day 1: Your crush will hate you
          Day 2: You will lose $20 
          Day 3: You will fail your tests
          Day 4: You will never get the things you’ve always wanted
          Day 5: You will lose 7 friends 
          Chose these 10 people wisely, I wish you the best of luck


Hey everyone that came to Wolfies profile! Wolfie have gotten grounded, so she can’t be online. If you need to give her a message, then send it to me since she is my irl friend and I see her daily


Hi! Would it be okay with you if I put the "Fake Friends/Real Friends" thing from your bio on my bio?


          / \
          This is Bob the Titan. Bob says hello.
          Copy and paste him everywhere you can.
          Soon he will take over the world.


Okie, for meh little precious cloudi’s ima kill meh self by making an 10 gacha edits, I will let you cute, awesome little cloudi’s choose out of meh gacha oc’s which I will post
          Get ready to watch me die off slowly doing this