"It's half-hot-half-cold! Not half-gay-half-straight!"
✒Yagami Yato is a GODDESS!
✒David Matranga can kick me in the shin and I'd thank him 👉👈
✒Call me Soba! I'm a multi-fandom idioic fangirl who has an outta control creative mind, who love a lotta fictional characters!
✒I casually spoil my own book in my discord server because I have writers block and can't write chapter 4 to save my life-
✒Demi-Pan and Proud! A TAKEN weeb
"All we see is sky, for forever." ~DEH
✒ Takumi Usui makes me lose my s h i t
✒Noticed by Antony Del Rio on 7/28/2019
"Our hero's looking a little bit both today." ~Hades (KI:U)
✒The "sk" phrase was meant to show how a person "geeks out" in a texting format
✒We STAN Fuyumi Todoroki on this account! No complaining! 👏She.👏Is.👏Best.👏Girl.👏
✒HIGHLY literate roleplayer
✒Original story writer!
✒PM's are always open! (Even if I'm awful at responding to them)
✒Fluff and angst are what I feed off of
✒KamiShin Modern AU creator! (Name is a WIP)
"Hey~! Wow, you've got such a beautiful face, dear~! Don't let that frown spoil the effect~!"~Todoroki Shouto
Yosetsu Awase ✔
Usui Takumi ✔
Shouto Todoroki ✔
Fuyumi Todoroki ✔
Eijirou Kirishima ✔
Teru Minamoto ✔
Kou Minamoto ✔
Aru Akise ✔
"Aren't you embarrassed to lose to a child? For God's sake, you're adults. Put up a real fight" ~Todoroki Shouto
"This isn't a joke. I'm like the 'Hand Crusher' or something." ~Todoroki Shouto (SHIGARAKI QUIVERS BEFORE HIM!)
"I'm going to harness the fucking sun to make cookies!" ~Todoroki Shouto (comic)
✒My Mates:
@Pride-Eren 💞4/29/20💞 You harm Eren, and I'll eat your kneecaps c:
✒Fandoms I Roleplay:
Maid Sama!
Fire Force
Future Diary

{ 🏳️🌈 May 13th - Eren was here }
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