You know how in winter it gets so cold and you feel that it will never get hot again and in summer it gets so hot that you feel it will never get cold again. That is how it is with your feelings, when you're sad you feel you'll never be happy and when you're happy you feel you'll never be sad again. Yet eventually you will be cold and hot again and sad again but most importantly you will be happy again :)


I hope you fall in love with being alive. I hope you pick flowers, read books and understand life is much more then snapchat and other social media. I hope you have best a frnds & I even hope that you get in trouble together. I hope you have fun memories. I hope you feel the depth of the ocean and feel the dirt of the sand beneath your feet. I hope you know the warmth of genuine laughter. I hope you know that you can be anything you want to be but also know that you have to work hard for it. I hope you eat well, treat your body well yet have unapologetic fun. Because I hope you fall in love with being alive.


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"Fall in love. Maybe it doesn't have to be with someone. Fall in love with music, art, dancing in the dark, the twinkling of the stars, the color of the sky as the sun rises, the smell of flowers, the feeling of adrenaline that takes over the whole body and suffocates your lungs with joy, good frnds who brings out your best, silence, noise, fall in love with the little things that makes you feel most alive and find purpose. Fall in love with life."
          Don't FROGet to love yourself ! (◠ᴥ◕)
          *♡*♡LOVE YA, TAKE CARE AND BE HAPPY♡*♡*


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