Ciao, everyone! My name is Axis Powers Hetalia, but it seems everyone's calling me Hetalia for short. I guess I'll tell you about myself! My birthday is January 24th, the day my anime was created. I love all my characters, even Francis and Natalia! If you ever wanna talk or need company, I'll be here! That's what friends are 'sposed to do, right? My moriail is Homestuck, I'll defend him with my life, even if that means dying in the proccess. If you're ever sad, I'll do what Homestuck taught me; pap you~! I love all things anime and vocaloid. I guess you could say I look like Italy, curl and all. My outfit usually consists of jeans, a black shirt with my logo on it, and America's bomber jacket, only, mine doesn't have the '50' on it's back. I have an array of weapons, seeing as each country has their own method of fighting. My favorite is probably my giant knife or my poision-dipped arrows. I love to roleplay and prefer writing in third person. I tend to say 'Veh' or 'Ve' alot, a bad habit of mine. I guess.. I wanna say sorry. I know a lot of my fan-base left because of my new stlye.. I wanna apologize for the sudden change, I understand if you hate me.... Gaah, where's Homestuck when I need 'im?! The feels of regectioooonn!!! Veeeeh, I need a pap.. ;-;
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@Native_America "You're welcome." He drove quickly,"Picking up Karkles, okay Ms. Native? Be warned, he's like Lovino...l
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