Wow.. finally u want to know about me♥️😊...

Yeah about myself 🤔

👑 am the princess of my own world ....
👨‍👩‍👧 living a happy life with my queen and king..
💑also dreaming nd waiting for my prince charming
💙 my puppy 💙 vi 💙 vi💙

♥️ In relationship with food for 19 yrs. #namakusoruthanmukiyam.
♥️ #girlpower..
♥️ loves to find happiness in every lil things..
♥️ loves to make many frnds..
♥️ introvert to ppl who are new to me... but extrovert with ppl close to me..
♥️ happy soul 😊
♥️ my love for reading books never dies..
♥️ no tym for enimity , hatred , revenge
♥️ big fan of karma 🔥
♥️ infinite love for #ardi 😘
♥️ lil devil to my favs😍😘
♥️ love to make many beautiful and happy things to store them in my memory

♥️Jodha Akbar

♥️ dont walk in front coz I may not follow u ... dont walk behind me coz u may not see my expression.. walk beside me and be my frnd 🥰🥰

♥️ wanna surprise me then
wish me on June 20..
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