Hey fellow Wattpader, Zorro here. I stumbled upon Wattpad in 2018 tho I dont remember my first book lol. Anyways, Wattpad comment section is lit well y'all know that already, one thing i hate of it is double standards, ml is awwable if done good and fl r annoying even after? Grow up ppl🌚

Strength comes in different forms, whether it is to to hold on or walk away✨ Spread love ✨

Anyways gotta love y'all. Feel free to suggest books, i read mostly things of every genre unless it make me sick, my gag reflex is easily triggered lol.
There's no story without ml and fl, and the more characters are flawed, the better, childish, dumb, over reacting, anything, but i dont tolerate playing with feelings.
Fave 💫
1. Caleb Lockhart & Red 😇 (Chasing Red)
2. Blayze Norman & Caden Norman😁(Devil For A Husband)
3. Justin Adams & Adrienne Miller.🤩(All The Wrong Reasons)
4. Zachary Anderson & Victoria Paige.💜(Must Date The Playboy, Must Hate The Playboy, Must Love The Playboy)
5. Jake Henderson & Clara Wilson❤(The Guy Next Door)
6. Ace Hernandez & Sofia Diaz.🖤(Ace)
7. Sinister Velkov & Calla Levkin🥰(I'm not A Prostitute)
8. Andrew Blood & Emily Blood. 😘(Sold To A Beast)
9. Sam Cahill and Macy Anderson.💓(The Bad Boy and The Tomboy)
10. Rikkard Ellington Conway & Charlotte Thorne 💞(Never Ever)
11. Ethen Miles Carter & Olivia Carrington :) (It All Started With A Lie)
No hate to to these ml or fl✌ They're the best, feel free to fight me. Flaws are the reason why there is character development. No one need a perfect character smh.
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