i love all of your books and have read them multiple times each. please don’t ever take them down. some authors take their perfectly good books down when they leave a fandom or something and it sucks. anywho happy new year zero.


Muah muah chup chup for you Zero my god your stories are amaizing and im planning on reading fallen angel since it realy realy intrested me and ive read like two now and i love both MUAH MUAH CHUP CHUP♥♥♥


man, i loved the dance class fic! Is just.. sonething i never seen there, is a completly different history with so many plots. And its not like that boring thing where they meet each other, instantly fell in love, fight, have that "misunderstood cheat" thing, they understand the problem and get together.. i think you get what i mean, the type of fic that you just feel angry bcs of how much blindness and stupid have on it. 
          This story was so well writed, with a angst but not the one you know what gonna happen and you just start getting angry at it, its the angst that is NEEDED to the story get a development. Just one thing.. The best fanfic in the whole wattpad :)


The first story I read from you was Hey Bartender and listen. ITS SO GOOD Probably one if the best things ive ever read. And then months later I read Just Across the Hall and I didn’t realize it was from you and I was kind of shocked because ive never really found someone who actually writes multiple good storys. You are so good st this and im going to read all of your storys rn