Hello Wattpad!
          	After reviewing the concerns regarding completed stories for the winners chosen we have thoroughly assessed the finalists and the stories they have submitted. After careful consultation and evaluation, Wattpad and the Your Story India team have decided to select another winner in place of one story that despite being marked complete, was in fact not officially completed by the stated deadline. We apologize for any confusion there may have been. 
          	At this time we would like to Congratulate  @sneha_pandey and her beautifully written poetry anthology Aches. 
          	We would also like to give an Honorable Mention to @Razzzzia, though her story was not officially complete it was well received and overwhelmingly enjoyed by all.
          	Please continue to give a huge congrats to the winning stories!
          	Thank you again for all who participated!
          	The Your Story India Team


@YourStoryIndia Thank you so much for such appreciation and recognition.  I feel every book in the shortlist was exemplary and deserved as much. Kudos to all!!!! A poetry book recognised in such a big contest gives me immense pleasure... A win for the community and genre. Thank you again!!


@sameera16 It's okay... You don't have to say sorry.


@indianwriter sorry i really didnt mean to offend you alone


Hey! I'm an author from India and I just published my first story here and it would be very grateful of you if you give a try to my story :)


Assalamu alaikum, 
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Hey! I just finished writing a book named 'My Bestfriend Loves Me.' I would really appreciate if you read it and let me know your thoughts on it. Thank you :) 


Heyyyy! I am an amateur writer over here on wattpad and am writing my first book currently. If you would give it a try then I would really appreciate that. 
          It is called, "You are written in my Stars"
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Hello there, I'm Jenga101 from the South of India, (aka the land of dosas and filter coffees). I'd be happy if you checked out my first work in Wattpad and I'd really appreciate the support.