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Okay, so I love reading. I think that's obvious, since I'm on Wattpad. Anyway, here are some books I recommend. Just a warning, I'm a sucker for romance.

- Five Feet Apart
- Everything, Everything
- The Fault In Our Stars
- Midnight Sun
- Paper Towns
- Textrovert
- The Hate U Give

And my favorite series, the Divergent trilogy. It's action packed, has a hint of romance, emotional, futuristic, and I overall loved it.


Okay, so we talked about books, but I also have a tendency to go online a lot. So here are some of my online fandoms.

- Shane Dawson
- Shane's crew
- Danny Gonzalez
- Larray
- Antonio Garza

Webtoon (it's actually a decent website okay?):
- Age Matters
- I Love Yoo
- Freaking Romance
- True Beauty
- Let's Play

- The Hoodie Girl (currently reading it, and I love it)
- Other books I can't remember


Y'all can dm me if you need someone to talk to. I'm not that social but I'll listen. I'll read and vote your books, if you ask. Also keep in mind that I may not comment that much, and I won't read it right away due to lack of time.


*Warning: This account now has swearing*

*Warning: I need holy water*


Thanks for checking out my account! I follow people back! <3


Add me on discord! Feel free to join my Wattpad server, it's pretty empty right now.

My discord account: Sakura#7818

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My friends on Wattpad : @SweetCherriSoda

Collab account: @TheUniqueSquad


Love you guys! ❤

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