If you don't like avocados we can't be friends, seeing as I am an avocado. Avocados are Death's right-hand man, and he appointed me your avocado overlord. And yes, I am a very sexy avocado who can write and kick your ass. Don't mess with the power of the avocado. We are more than guacamole, we are THE FUTURE. If you are wondering how I can be your overlord, I watch you through your avocados. If you do not have any avocados (which I strongly resent) then you're ✨fucked✨ Satan and God speak through avocados, so if you don't have any, they can't communicate with you. All of those stories about him talking through angels and animals are bull. People just don't want to believe that the truth lies with avocados. When you die, don't be surprised to find a colony of avocados living their day to day life. LONG LIVE THE AVOCADO UNION

ALSO: I love writing, I really do. I like to think that I'm any good, but that's for you to decide. Fun fact: All of my stories will usually share characters, just because I find it fun. No, I don't have a severe lack of creativity, I just like connecting things, that way, you will see a side character in one book acting a certain way, and if you read the others, you will see why. Or the other way around. Which way? I don't know. All I know is that if you are wondering about a character, you will usually find an answer. I like to call these three books the Voices series. Wonder why? Read the book. Here are the books:

Let It Rain-Madilyne


Pink Cleats - She's a Home Run Hitter, #LifeGoals, Shoot Me, 100 Yards To Freedom

Daddy Issues - Laughing Hurts, Tattooed Tearstains, I'm Fucking Fine

Singular novels: Mirror Image, Step On It, Lollipop, The Villain Code, Inside The Mind of a High School Mean Girl

LGBTQ+: Paint The Sky, I Fucked Up The Good Girl, To Win Her Heart, Around Each Other, Dresses, In The In Between, Easy To Ignore

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make me yours, fill me up, fuck me, fuck me until i forget my name—you do it better than them, never wanted their fingers or mouth, only wanted yours, only you, y-yours—all y-yours, please, please ju...
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"You have gone from a visitor in my heart to having an entire empire dedicated to you. There is somethin...
I shake my head to rid myself of the thoughts of the boy. "Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. It depends if I ca...
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