Hello. I've co.e to reassure that Im not gone. Or giving up on my books. I'm just so mentally drained and I don't k ow what to do with my life any more.  There's been many times where I thought of giving up, but in the end it would be me who lost the battle. And I would never forgive myself for that. I'm so sorry that I have not been updating recently.  I'm falling apart, and every thing I do only gives me temporary relief before my heart continues to ache again.  Please forgive me because I can't forgive myself. It's come to the point where I want to get my life back together, not need to. Please provide me with some time. I will also update new chapter when ever I can. I apologize again.


@YouExistenceIsEnough I just read your book property and I just wanted you to know that it was awesome it only took me 30 minutes to read it but only those 30 minutes were awesome. I've dealt with depression and suicide before but reading takes a lot fo pressure and pain away! Thank you for your time you're spending on the book. I hope you have an amazing day! 


@AnanyaKukrety Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this warms my  heart. Thank you so much for the support


Heyyyy take care of yourself. I really want you to update but your mental health is definitely more important than this. So take a break or whatever you need, be hopeful things will get better soon. 


Author r u ok? Can u update Sentimental Bully pls? It's been 2 years, I missed that story :)


Hi, hope your doing well and I would like to ask if you are going to update your stories, especially  Property, I'm really enjoying it. Thank you.


Hi , I just wanted to ask if you’re ok? You can write me back in the dms , I hope you haven’t lost the battle and I hope you’re doing better . I had depression too , fought a looooooong battle in the end still kicking over here , if you want to chat and talk I’m here =)


She are you going to update for Property??  You just can't leave us hanging with a cliffhanger.  By the way love your writing style!