Hello everyone, it's me. I hope you're all doing well x
          	As you all know, unfortunately, it has been a while since I've been on Wattpad. I wasn't intending on dissappearing from this platform, not at all.
          	However, life kind of took a turn and swept me away from what I had enjoyed doing. Writing.
          	I absolutely love the stories I have written, even though I do see fault in them... It is my own work that I had worked hard on. I never wanted to abandon them, especially not 'The Hunter's Empire'.
          	My life has calmed down considerably, thankfully, and I'm ready to start writing again. I miss it so much, and I miss our interactions. I cried reading your sweet and concerned messages, wondering about my disappearance and why I had stopped uploading.
          	Thank you, so much. You guys are so kind.
          	Now, the question is...
          	Do you guy want me to keep uploading? 
          	It's been soooo long that I feel like no one is interested in my stories anymore.
          	Even if it's just five people who say yes, I'll start to upload again x
          	As for the uploading schedule, I'm not too sure. However, I can promise you it will be regular. I'll keep updating you if I start to change my schedule. 
          	Thank you again. 
          	Lots of love, 
          	Yasmine x


@Yasminne_ pweezzzzzz update hunters  empire


@yasminne_ hunters empire please


@Yasminne_  yesss i need you to upload more on 'the hunter's empire' please


omo ur an ARMY too
           i started ur female warrior nd alpha story 2 days ago nd m already at its end..
          i didnt knew but ur story is amazing like hell amazing...
          keep it uo bro


I absolutely loved reading the female warrior and looking forward to updates of Hunter's empire.


Your writing skills blow me away, I felt like I was actually there with the characters. I felt like I can feel the characters emotions, I even started to cry at one part. All I got to say is keep up the good work and keep on writing because I know your skills are gonna get you far in life. I’m for sure going to recommend you to my friends and family.