@Fa1245 I will absolutely do so lovely! Im sure theyre be as wonderful as you! :) 


Sorry, I have a new reading request. I'd be grateful if you read Collective Short Stories written by me. The stories have many genres but see what's inside it. New Fusion and new aspects are there. If you go for a time travel, see my novel The Adventures of the Flying Bicycle


@Hidden_Rose what do you mean? 
          Oooh there's this headcannon thing that the 12 regenerations was so timrlords didn't live forever so without the timelords the doctor can virtually live forever. 


xD That'd be awesome and I mean, If all the timelords are gone, does that mean all the gallifreyians are gone? Hello, I don't know if they had weird pets, or creatures on gallifrey. I would love to know, though.