Hello crazed fangirls.

Nora here, updating her bio sometimes to make herself seem cooler than she actually is.
I have been on this planet for 17 years now.
I love cats, got 3 little furballs Coco, Floor an Severus (no i am not joking)
I play the violin and a bit of piano🎻🎹🎶
I'm dutch 🇳🇱
I'm a Slytherin/Ravenclaw💚💙
I don't want to pull the cliché "i'm an awkward fangirl" card....but i'm going to anyways so:

I am an awkward fangirl who spends time mainly indors doing some spicy illegal streaming (i cant help netflix is so slow with adding seasons) and reading some good ol' books and fanfiction.
I'm really forgetfull (i once managed to forget my keys 3 times in a week so i was locked outside, contemplating my life choices while i got drenched)

Sherlock: apply logic to this
Harry Potter: apply some logic to this
Doctor who: just dont apply logic to this
Hetalia: okay then?
Dirk gently: yeet logic out of the fucking window

Honestly these shows are my life i'm ofc fan of some other stuff but these are like...the main game.

My writing is smth i should adress lol:
Honestly i adore writing but i can never get myself to actually sit down and put it one paper unless it's urgent, you may have noticed a Sherlock fanfic hanging about with not one damn chapter written, yeah i know im a fucking idiot ill probably never even start.
I am kinda working on a HP fanfic series that will not include the main cast, it'll just be set in that universe we all love (kinda like rogue one from star wars)

Msg me anytime >×<

Ans have a look at my reading list there are truly amazing pieces down there!

- XcrazywriterXD
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Sooo i was thinking...would any of you guys like to read about Sherlock and John backpacking?  i was on vacation to thailand, and while i was there i thought about the concept and thought it could t...
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