Earth has already gone through seven major extinction events; another one is coming.

(700,000 words)
The destruction of humankind on Earth and resurrection inside quantum portals.
Book 1. Proxima
Book 2. Q-Port System
Book 3. Algae War
Book 4. Q-Port Spider
Book 5. Awams Refugee
Book 6. Spegellandet
Book 7. Recall Plateau
Book 8. Lost and Found
Book 9. Breakup Islands
Book 10. Q-Port Makers

(900,000 words)
In the near future, scientists discover a flickering artificial sun headed towards Earth. Code named "Deimos", this alien threat becomes the impetus for a massive outworld colonization program, the creation of an army of mechs to defend the planet, and a bioengineering initiative to adapt the human race to survive the apocalypse.
Book 1. Orphan Rangers
Book 2. Clone Pods
Book 3. Space Turtles
Book 4. Teardrop Bottles
Book 5. Blue Iguanas
Book 6. Crabb World
Book 7. Big Teeth
Book 8. Lightning Moths
Book 9. Galactic Xoo
Book 10. Orange Crush
Book 11. Iron Termites
Book 12. Black Claw
Book 13. Hard Landing
Book 14. Smiley War
Book 15. Nowhere Man
Book 16. Dawn Fire
Book 17. Laughing Boar
Book 18. Lost Cohort

(1,400,000 words projected)
The world's richest man had a dream to rid society of criminals that preyed on honest citizens. It was easy to get Congress to pass legislation, the enterprise would generate vast sums of money feeding back to congressmen. What they didn't know, what no one knew, was that it was all a con.
Book 1. Survivor
Book 2. Oil King
Book 3. Mutants
Book 4. Mechas
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Story by Xavier Therg
The Transub, Book 1: Proxima by Xaviertherg
The Transub, Book 1: Proxima
After building a neural-mapper to help his quadriplegic professor, Stu Bigley discovers that the device has m...
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