Hey guys!
          	I'm seeing many readers are still confused! I am now @brilynnbooks 


 This account! 


I enjoyed reading Unwanted it's a very nice book
          It made me wanna read more about werewolves 


Hey guys I hope you don't mind me using this as a place to publicize my book.I'm writing a book titled 'The owned' here on Wattpad.Its genre is paranormal.Pleas give it a little glance to see if you'll like it.I really hope you do.Thanks


Just discovered your profile and holy cow I feel like you deserve like a million followers❤


Ok I have to say these"your book Achilles is really complicated ...way to mixed up , something needs to be,I may have like the first chapter but...the others, it a capital N for No! 
          Am still yet to understand and see the rewrite u said u are gonna do. #So confused....,pls work on it. Thank u


That book was written many years ago when I was first starting out. This account is basically a dead account, I moved onto my new one. 1- do not rudely tell an author to continue a re-write of a book from almost 5 years ago. 2- If you want to review a book, actually post a POLITE comment on THAT book. Not the author’s wall. Or message them privately. 3- I’m a very busy person with an actual life outside of the internet, it’s going to take me a while to replan that entire book. Especially since it was five years ago and I can’t even remember what I was doing with the plot. 4- If you’re going to rudely review an author, make sure your own spelling and grammar is correct. 5- Clearly, I knew the book was a mess hence saying I was planning on re-writing it. And I am, but I am planning on a lot right now. Thank you.