Don't fret if u cant see certain private chapters. Wattpad changed this in Sept 2018 and I just now got the memo so I'll have to make them public and take out x rated content now. For my whole book. Yayyy..  not


@Wowchilee  I'm so happy!!!!!!


          	  Glad to know that you're alive :D


          	  Soooooo good to hear from you. Hope you are well and your little girl too.


Hi, I hope all is well. I know it’s been like three years since you’ve updated Somebody I Used To Know, but i am dying to know what will happen next. I was wondering if there is the slightest chance that you’ll finish it?


Hello Mam, 
          I must say i am impressed by your writing style and story plot writing. When i started reading the story,  (well i am ashamed to say) i gave up reading it after two chapters. But after a day, i decided to read and see what you offer as a writer and now i am literally in tears, HAPPY tears. I loved the story. I am so much happy that i read it and now i want more. 
          Thank you very much for writing such amazing stories for us!  
          You are wonderful! 
          Stay blessed! 


Dear author, i really do loves your stories. I hope you have a wonderful life and always be happy. Love from Malaysia.


Hi. I'm reading Shattered right now and it is f'ing amazing!! I love it. Cant get enough.  I'm following you for Freak Nasty  as well as cuz you're an amazing writer. However, I'm missing chapters.... what do I do? Help please!


I saw a lot of comments of people missing the same chapters since the book first came out


Hi where are you ? Just know your fans love you ,let us know if you are fine ,we love you and your books so much take care.and give us feedback ASAP


It’s clear that you have stopped writing on here, but have you continued to write elsewhere? I’ve looked on other sites and reading apps but can’t find you! You’re an incredibly talented writer and I hope that you do come back to have so many fans still waiting for you to continue! Xx


I fell in love with shatter and I came to the comments because of the missing freak nasty chapters and I’m heart broken to see you’ve left wattpad. Your writing was absolutely amazing and reading through the comments I was absolutely devastated to see most of the other books were left incomplete. You have an amazing talent and I hope you still see these messages so you know how many people support you and maybe one day find your way back to your fans. ❤️