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Hello all! And welcome to the weirdest profile of Wattpad. Or should I say, the profile of the weirdest person? Well...
My name is Emia. Prouldy Nigerian, and will always be. Hashtag Nerdy, Hastag Lover of music and food, plus some good cliché...yeaa! I love to daydream. I am #ScorpioWoman; 19 years of age, and living on the planet of ROMANCE. I am an art freak. I love drawing, and creating graphics...what a shame, it's the only thing I'm good at, othe than sleeping and eating.



{I write nutsy, so watchhout!}

☙Love's Touch (Romance)
☙Dreaming (Romance+poetry)



- I am an administrator of the Contrast Book Club. If you are looking for some really good community support towards your books, this is da place to be!
- #ProjectBeDifferent, a place to be. Are you just weird? You crazy? You mad? You outspoken? Intelligent? Don't be afraid to BE DIFFERENT.


☯Social Life☯

Me: I'm on social media too y'all! I don't live under a rock.
Reader: Who said you live under a rock?
Me: *no response* rolls eyes.

Don't forget to socialize with me. I have a beautiful heart, and I love chatting to people. Find me on:

Instagram: worldofemia
Facebook: Weird World Of Emia


🌸 If you are as weird as me, and you're a fan of me, leave a message on my board, saying: #IAmWeirdAsEmia, and we'll be friends! Plus, if you read all my bio, then cheers! *hands you a token*🐰
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