uh, so i literally have no recollection of posting chapter three of Feelings, but....i did? I think i had a stomach flu last week lmao. anyway, here's the link if you didnt see the update yet uwu


I'm glad I found your book on wattpad! 
          It is one of my favourite stories and has touched me on so many levels.
          I cried much after the story because it was so sad but it had a good ending for Alex and Ryan i‘m happy for them ❤️


Scholar is def my favorite bxb book and I love it to bits and pieces, the ending was really sad but because it’s like the real world it’s something that can happen. I’ve lost so many people close to me, so I know what their families must feel like, but I understand how he has to do it for his lover. Amazing book 10/10 must read, this is amazing!!


I'm disappointed that this story turned out like this because the character(Ryan) desperately need Alex because he is the only one who can give him hope and love despite on what happens to him and his family. We all know that their love is always there until death but surely Alex will replace in the heart of Ryan when time pass by and if he even manage to survive and find someone it would be much deepen love more than Alex and also on what he said in the end "Completely and utterly alone" which did not resolve to the character(Ryan).