Hey! I'm a die hard Yaoi fanboy and many of my friends (and myself) call me a yandere

(Real) Name: Willow Halley

Age: ... you don't need to know that... ok I'm 14

Favorite ships: Viccturi, Ereri (obviously), Jeanco, Otayuri, Rinharu or Makoharu (plz don't hurt me now), Reigisa, ErwinxArmin and a hell-ton of ships I cant say

Favortie Anime: DONT MAKE ME CHOOSE!

Favorite Foods/drinks: Boba (bubble tea), katsudon, piroshki (yes Ive had them before Yuri!!! on Ice), pocky, ramune and ramen

Relationship status: Taken💙

Breed (what my friends consider me as) : Neko, angel, demon, fox, inu and vampire

And that's it!

Y u still here...

Umm... bai?

OK fine!

٩(๑•◡-๑)۶ⒽⓤⒼ♡ I love u guys!
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