I used to think that my life was a tragedy, but now i realize... it's a comedy. -Joker🎅🍆🤶🍩

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Go follow @suck_arse! She's AMAZE-BALLZ! I love her SO SO SO very much! She's gorgeous, sexy, hot as fuck, BAD ASS, HILARIOUS, positive, nauttaaay 😏... , and generally just awesome and the most incredible person I've ever met!❤I FUCKIN LOVE U AND UR HOT ASS, JANNAT! Sexy yum sub can suck my imaginary penis and my love, the redhead, he can go find me so that we can meet once again.😉 Im like literally in love with u (no homo lol) but i seriously truly love and care for u... 💦🔥😜😘😂( and always remember... We're horny... Weird... And hotter than hell itself🤤) FuckBomb🤑🤙❤🤓🤗🤣🖤🔥💧🍆👄🍑

I'm a freak and a sweet child. Writing stories, poetry, etc. And reading simply CONSUMES me; i occasionally stay in my room for hours doing just that.😆🤑👽
I'm a happy single pringle and i love it! HELL YES WHOO HOO! Thank you for following me honey bun sugar plums! Really appreciate it 😎😜🔥. I'm not that bad😬We're all sweet peas at heart... I hope u now understand
Live ur life to the fullest and enjoy yourself! The only person who can make YOU happy is YOU!!
Experiment, explore and ALWAYS... ALWAYS remember to have A LOT of good motherfuckin fun!!!!🤑🤗🤤AMAZE-BALLZ. And most importantly, continue being weird like me!! THANK YOU ALL FOR THE FOLLOWS! You have no idea how much I appreciate them!❤
You all make me happy!😃don't judge
YOLO, BEST BABES! #dirtyminds #NerdInEveryWay🤤😍😘👌🍆👄💋💦💦🙊live 4 smut :)🐷😘❤🤡👺🤡🤤🤦👽 💩LGBTQ❤🖤❤
Xoxo mofo sweeties- Spooky, Strange, Silly Sophia😏❤😘
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Wild_Rose19 Wild_Rose19 Jan 07, 2021 02:10PM
I am beyond pissed that The Tudors is being taken off Netflix and it's no longer on American Hulu... now I'll have to ask my uncle for his amazon prime log in... *sigh*I really should create a petit...
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