Hey guys
          	I haven't been on in months. I'm really really sorry. I was taking a break, and I really needed one. Coming back to all of your kind messages and support has meant a lot to me. 
          	For all of you who have asked me for advice in the recent months, or asked me to make a cover at all, I'm so so sorry that I never really was able to give something to you or help you out. I just kind of disappeared. I didn't mean to drop off the face of wattpad. I'm still alive, I promise :)
          	You guys are really important to me, and I want you to know that. I've been having a rough time lately, and my confidence in my writing has kind of ebbed away. But reading through your messages and comments was really wonderful! I will be getting to all of the Private Messages soon :)
          	Every last one of you is important to me. Really really important. I love all of you for who you are. I'm so so happy you genuinely enjoy my stories. I'm so happy I can make you laugh or feel better if you're down.
          	Thank you for sticking with me this long. It means more than I can express with words
          	Love and Roars,


@WildCatLover157 i was wondering :T GLAD U ISH BAAAACK


          	  I know what you mean, I disappeared too, but I realllly needed it.
          	  I'm glad your back. *throws glitter at you*


          	  WOOOOOOOOO YEAH *Happy friendship dance*


I love your books! Ravenclaw for the win! BTW, I love your book, Siriusly Love. Please update soon! -The Ravenclaw Marauder
          PS. I love Kotlc and PJO, And The Pegasus Series, and Warriors


I started reading your stuff and following you 4 or 5 years ago and I just wanna let you know that while you don’t seem to be active anymore and probably won’t see this, you are an amazing author. I hope everything’s going well for you


god it's nearly been two years since the last message on this board. longer since you've posted. i hope you're doing okay. 


Hello, I came across your account and you seem to have disappeared. I do hope you return, because you seem like an extremely amazing person. 


          Once you get this award, you are meant to post it onto 8 other people’s walls. If you break this chain, nothing will happen. But it’s nice to know someone thinks your beautiful inside and out.